Reasons why your business needs information policy

info2Everyone out there knows that having the right information is the most important factor in all businesses, but many business people and senior managers often overlook the safety of their business information to focus on what they consider most important; “Income generation.” Many even know the risk well in advance, but hiring mentality, “That will never happen to us.” Then the inevitable happens.

Experience has shown that indifference to business information protection is disastrous. The smallest vulnerability in Security Information System (ISS) business and can really cause businesses thousands, even millions of dollars in daily financial loss. The experts found that in the majority of cases involving “loss” of the flight information that the owner (s) or business managers were aware that potential violations existed and did nothing to correct the edition . Experts also show that in 99% of the price for fixing the offense would have been thousbusinessesands to millions of dollars cheaper then the loss of business supported the offense itself
According to “Trends in Ownership Loss” (ASIS International, 2007) are the top 5 reasons companies of all sizes should have Security Information System (ISS) active and progressive and Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the in law.

Loss of reputation – the socket of a sudden in the pocket might be wrong, but nonetheless bad as half that taking a blow to your reputation. Many cases can bounce back from the loss of income but repair your business reputation can cost astronomical time, effort and money. The implications are overwhelming in most cases.

When you worked feverishly to stay ahead of the game but your competitor beats you at every time of the finish line, “There’s a hole in your boat.” Shunning trade secrets, product delivery timelines and other business processes can derail completely destroy his business and competitive advantage. “In 2006 there was a well-known case of theft of information concerning a employee of a large drink. This employee stole business information and conspired to sell them to another beverage company for $ 1.5 million. the employee was arrested after the competitor has delivered.

Reduces planned / expected returns or profitability – This can occur when your opponent knows your pricing strategy. If they sell the same type of product or service your business as they can go and you easily outprice.
A quick Google search will give you some insight on how companies are losing billions in the process when technology is disclosed or stolen. The case of retired and costly battle of “Cell Phone Giant” comes to mind. Make Google looking for him. There are some really insightful facts you may not have been aware of the case.